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Experience of Being an Intern at Zenius Through MSIB

Certified Internships are part of the Independent Campus program which aims to provide opportunities for students to learn and develop themselves through activities outside of lectures. In 2022, Zenius will participate in this program again and introduce the Professionals Practice Program which facilitates students to
gaining work experience, developing hard skills and soft skills, as well as honing growth-mindset, which is the basis for students to adapt with a critical and fast attitude. The Zenius Internship 2022 program will combine the curriculum of learning materials that students learn in their lectures which are then applied in real work environment conditions, where students can learn about problem solving, live case scenarios, and adaptive mindset when faced with real problems in the world of work.

The Zenius Professionals Practice Program (3P) is an internship program designed to prepare professional skills and skills for students in Indonesia as they welcome graduation. If we look back at the background of issues that often occur, several companies today, including Zenius, often demand quite high standards for the quality of young talent they will accept to work. One of the most favorite qualifications to "have" for every job vacancy is "having work experience". Meanwhile, in previous times, fresh graduates did not necessarily have work experience due to several reasons, such as not all campuses requiring credits for taking practical work, or information on internship opportunities that were difficult to find, or students who did not have enough initiative to look for opportunities for skills training. professionals through an internship program. With the Independent Campus Program from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, students will be more facilitated in connecting with companies in Indonesia to hone their professional competencies for at least 3 months to gain direct practical work experience.

In the Certified Internship program at Zenius, the author also learned about skills that are important for the younger generation to have, such as Scientific Thinking Ability, Literacy Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, and Logic. In this Sociology Subject Research position, the author carried out several activities including, designing Learning Content Assessment Instruments, Designing High School Sociology Assessment Instruments, Basics of High School Sociology Learning Content Production, Basics of Asynchronous Learning, and the Final Project in the form of a Comparative Analysis of the 2013 Curriculum and Independent Curriculum. The implementation of these activities certainly experienced several obstacles, but with help from several parties, all of them could be overcome. The final assessment obtained by the author was quite satisfactory.​


Certified Content Creator Internship Mind of the People Media Network

The Ministry of Education and Culture again provides opportunities for students to develop themselves outside the lecture classroom through Certified Internship Batch 3. During one semester, students gain experience in the world of work through direct learning with internship partners. Through this program, students can hone soft skills and hard skills that can support their careers after graduating from college.

One of the partners that provides this opportunity is PT Collaboration Mediapreneur through the Mind People Media Network (PRMN) Certified Content Creator Apprenticeship program. Mind of the People Media Network accepts students from various study programs and faculties. This program runs from 18 August to 31 December 2022. Through this program, students participating in Certified Internships will work as content creators whose work is published in the online media Mind of the People.

This internship activity, which lasts five months, provides experience and learning for the participants. I gained various knowledge as well as a means to channel my work and interest in writing. Without forgetting my role as a Sociology Education student, there was a lot of learning during lectures which also supported me in undergoing a Certified Internship program as a content creator for the Mind of the People Media Network.​


Independent Study: Copywriter Camp Jobhun (Creating Writing That Has Selling Value)

Certified Independent Study is a forum for activities part of the independent campus
has the aim of providing opportunities for students and female students to develop themselves through activities outside of lectures. One of the partners working with the independent campus is PT Jobhun Pembangunan Indonesia. Jobhun and Kampus Merdeka are working together in a program called "Copywriter Camp". "Copywriter Camp" is a learning program about the profession of a Copywriter and Copywriting which will be held from 18 August 2022 to 31 December 2022. Copywriting is writing that someone creates with the aim of for commercial purposes or writing used for promotion and marketing related to a product or service, which motivates or persuades someone to take an action, the action is in the form of purchasing goods or using services. Meanwhile, Copywriter is a professional term for Copywriting. Copywriting is widely used in website advertisements, social media, magazines, television, landing pages and other media.

During the "Copywriter Camp" program, participants learn online together with mentors who are experts in their fields. Meetings are held twice a week, namely on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm. After the learning is finished, the mentors will of course give assignments related to the material. that has been studied. Apart from that, the participants are also divided into several study groups to maximize learning, in these learning groups a mentoring session is held together with a special mentor for that group, the mentoring session is held to recall and discuss the Copywriting material that has been carried out, this session is held every month once, apart from mentoring once a month, participants also take an online exam related to the material they have studied during that month.

In December, which is the last month of the "Copywriter Camp" program, participants carry out a final assignment in groups called the "Capstone Project",
This task is an illustration of the stages of a Copywriter in getting clients and getting Copywriting Projects. Apart from final assignments, students also receive learning related to CVs, portfolios, job interviews and others which are part of career development. The activities that take place in the "Copywriter Camp" program are very beneficial for the participants. Before getting a certificate, the participants practice a lot in Copywriting and gain knowledge about the world of work to develop their careers. In the future, Jobhun hopes that the "Copywriter Camp" Independent Study participants can be successful in their careers as Copywriters or other careers that the participants dream of. Hopefully the participants can make good use of the experience and knowledge gained in the Jobhun "Copywriter Camp" program.​

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