Sociology Education

University of Indonesia Education

Vision Mission



Become a Study Program that has excellence in the fields of Education, Research and Service nationally, regionally based on local wisdom towards global competitiveness by 2025.


1. Organizing Sociology discipline education to produce Sociology Education Bachelors, and Researchers who have noble character and fear God Almighty;

2. Carry out research and service in accordance with the characteristics of the Sociology Education Study Program;

3. Produce products for the benefit of education, research and service in the field of Sociology Education in the form of scientific works in the form of books, articles, papers, and research results as well as patents and intellectual property rights for Sociology Education;

4. Building partnership networks with domestic and foreign institutions.


1. Produce a Bachelor of Sociology Education with a Bachelor's Degree in Education, as well as a competent researcher in the field of sociology and sociology education;

2. Produce research and community service works in accordance with the characteristics of the study program;

3. Develop concepts, models, approaches, curricula, and strategies for planning sociology lessons and sociological research;

4. Organizing cooperation in the fields of learning, research, and service in accordance with the needs of the community at home and abroad.