Sociology Education

University of Indonesia Education



1.       Smart class

Smart class is located on the 6th floor of the FPIPS building. With a comfortable room design to carry out learning activities or outside teaching and learning activities.  

2.       Health protocol infrastructure:

In accordance with the reference to circular letter no.083 of 2020 concerning the academic implementation of the even semester of 2020/2021 within the Indonesian University of Education in the adaptation period of the new normal, in addition to the availability of written SOPs for the application of the prokes, prokes implementing equipment, special handling rooms equipped with oxygen cylinders and wheelchairs.

In addition to the availability of UKS with its medical equipment, at the entrance of the faculty building, a temperature meter and disinfectant room are also provided which must be passed when entering the FPIPS Building.

3.       Internet

The learning infrastructure mix of the FPIPS UPI Sociology Education Study Program uses Smartclas 6th Floor of the FPIPS Building which is equipped with 65" Viewsonic Interactive Flat Panel, 100MBps LAN Internel Network and 100MBps Ruckus wifi access point, 8Gb Hp Core i5 All in PC, Sony Handycam, Portable Audio Speaker and Mic Rode Wireless

4.       Sociology Laboratory / Reading Room

The reading room is not only a smart lab because it is equipped with wifi, smart technology and books, it is also designed as a room with an industrial concept so that it adds to the comfort when using this room.

The Sociology Education Study Program Lab is also designed to support the production process of various learning media in the form of videos, podcasts, converences, etc. the Sociology Education Study Program Lab is also supported by various very capable equipment to produce learning media including the IMAC Aple which is used as a computer editing, Sony Handycam, Atem Mini Pro Video Switcher, Elgato greenscreen, Microphone Boya, Clip On Boya,  Godox lighting kit and Behringer portable speakers.