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Adhimas Dwijatama M. S.Pd.,M.I.Pol

Military Sociology Expert


Adhimas Dwijatama M.  S.Pd.,M. I.Pol, graduated from S1 SOCIOLOGY EDUCATION  UPI in 2015 and earned a Master of  Political Science (S2) degree at  the Postgraduate Of Political Science FISIP Universitas Padjadjaran graduated in 2018 as an awardee of youth scholarship Achievement Batch 1 organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora RI), and  is currently continuing education in  the Doctoral (S3)  International Relations program FISIP Padjadjaran University. While still receiving S1 education, he was active in various activities and youth organizations at the national level such as the West Java PPMI organization, and became the  head of the West  Java contingent in the program  youth exchange between provinces with the aim of west Nusa Tenggara exchange in  2014.

In addition   to being busy with completing Doctoral Education, currently several other activities such as being a Lecturer who teaches Political Science at one of the Universities in West Java, Becoming an Expert in within the Ministry of Defense and activities in several other activities such as the CO-Founder of the Research Institute engaged in Politics and Security Studies as well as consultants in the field of similar. The love for sociology and security studies was then implemented in the field of research in that field, so that currently  it has issued several papers, as well as achievements of written works in the military field by winning several writing competitions that study the military in Indonesia, one of the other products is book with the title "Military Sociology A Sociological Perspective in Security Studies", which will be released en masse in September 2022, as well as several journals discussing the issue of security studies, space security to civil-military relations. (Public Relations IKA UPI Commissariat of Sociology Education).