Sociology Education

University of Indonesia Education

Rifyal Fariz Afzan

Head of BEM HMPS 2022/2023 Period


Rifyal Fariz Afzan, who is familiarly called Fariz was born in Jakarta on September 11, 2001. He is an alumnus of SDN Utan Kayu Selatan 25 Pagi, SMP 216 Jakarta and SMAN 31 Jakarta. He is currently studying at the Sociology Education Study Program, Faculty of Social Sciences Education, Indonesia University of Education. 

Fariz is active in various organizational and committee activities, some of which is the Head of the Production Division at URM eSKa UPI and the Head of the BEM of the Sociology Education Student Association for the 2022-2023 Period. He shared that being a leader is not only about fighting mental strength, but also about maintaining the trust of others. 

The type of leadership he is applying now is a democratic type of leadership and emphasizes mutual agreement. This is related to the slogan, #HMPSANTUSIASBERSAMA which means that a belief can determine the enthusiastic spirit of everyone to support each other so that the wheels of the organization can move smoothly and stably. 

Fariz has high hopes that people who are still hesitant in starting something new to get out of their comfort zone, then face challenges that will hinder them seriously and don't prioritize personal matters over organizational matters because according to him the key to being a leader is who is willing to listen to aspirations and gain the trust of the people in the organization they lead. 

His firm and calm figure made him an example or inspiration for his friends.