Sociology Education

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Aria Pradana

Ambassador of Law and Human Rights of West Java Province in 2022


Aria Pradana or who is familiarly called Aria is a student in Sociology Education class of 2021 who is very active and has many achievements. He is active in various organizations such as being the Chair of the Bandung City Children's Forum in 2018-2019, Event Management Division Staff of the Karya Kakak Asuh Foundation in 2021-2022, Member of the UPI Bumi Siliwangi Binder in 2022, Co-Founder of GRIPA Indonesia in 2021 until now and a Member West Java Law and Human Rights Awareness Student Forum 2021 until now. 

In addition, he also has a myriad of achievements including: 

- Rank 1 Try Out SBMPTN Subang Regency, Subang Student Forum, 2021 

- 1st Place in West Java Poetry Reading Creation, Bandung City Children's Forum and Bandung City DP3APM, 2020 

- 1st Place Men's Volleyball West Java PBV. East Bandung, 2020 

- 2nd Place in Reading Poetry Month for High School Language, SMAN 10 Bandung, 2019 

- Bandung City Children's Ambassador, Bandung City Children's Forum and Bandung City DP3APM, 2018 

- West Java Literacy Ambassador, West Java Provincial Education Office, 2017-2018 

- Bandung City Literacy Ambassador, Bandung City Education Office, 2017-2018 

- 1st Winner of Silvas Cup National Volleyball, PBV. Bandung Tectona, 2017 

- 3rd Runner Up of Poems in Bandung City, 2017 

- 3rd Place Poems in Bandung City, 2016.

In 2022 Aria participated in the election of the West Java Province Law and Human Rights Ambassador organized by the West Java Province Law and Human Rights Awareness Student Forum (FPSH HAM). This activity is under the auspices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the West Java Regional Office, and the West Java Provincial Education Office. The mission of the Ambassador for Law and Human Rights is to be a role model in various activities in the community. To become role models for the West Java Province Law and Human Rights Ambassadors and West Java Human Rights FPSH administrators, they must-have traits and attitudes that become a benchmark for eligibility as ambassadors, including: (1) having above-average academic achievements; (2) being critical and rational in dealing with social problems that occur in the community; (3) have good and polite communication skills; (4) initiative, innovative and creative; and (5) able to collaborate with various parties.

The selection stages that have been passed by Aria and the other participants are: (1) the selection stage for social media track records; (2) the selection stage of assessment 1 to assessment 7 regarding law and human rights; (3) personality test which aims to determine the type of personality possessed by the participants which will certainly affect future performance; and (4) the interview selection stage which aims to determine the participants' communication skills.

With her persistent spirit and efforts, Aria was successfully elected as the Ambassador of Law and Human Rights of West Java Province in 2022.

He told how the ups and downs of being the Legal and Human Rights Ambassador of West Java Province in 2022, "I like it, what is certain is that this West Java Law and Human Rights Ambassador has become a target from 2020 for Aria to expand relationships, add insight, and also give Aria a platform or a place to be more useful in society. Through this West Java Law and Human Rights Ambassador, Aria also becomes more aware of how the legal process and decision-making are for the common good. So far the sadness that we feel is that we have not contributed much directly or face to face to the community because of the pandemic that has plagued the community. still in Indonesia. Aria hopes that the pandemic will pass soon so that Aria can contribute more to represent Aria herself and on behalf of the organization so that it can provide benefits to the wider community."

Aria also advised the community, especially friends in Sociology Education, "Let's be more literate, more aware and pay more attention to law and all social issues related to human rights, plus as we know that the sociology laboratory itself is a community. So, this law and human rights must be a concern for all of us. For the community, let's increase our obedience and awareness of the law as well as increase our attention to every social problem, which is not just an individual problem, but it is also our responsibility to create a healthy, peaceful community ecosystem. , and peaceful" closed Aria.