Sociology Education

University of Indonesia Education

Neng Resti

Sukabumi HIV AIDS Prevention Ambassador


Neng Resti is a 2020 Sociology Education student. Neng was born in Sukabumi, June 23, 2001. Neng Resti was chosen as an Ambassador for HIV AIDS Prevention in 2021 ago. Currently, Neng is busy as a member of the Department of Student Welfare of BEM HMPS UPI and is preparing a briefing for the MBKM program, named “Kampus Mengajar”.

The motivation behind Neng to become a PHA Ambassador is because Neng feels that today's youth are less literate about the existence of HIV/AIDS and he wants to mobilize youth to pay more attention to HIV/AIDS. Neng thinks that today's youth always thought that HIV/AIDS has disappeared, in reality, this disease is increasing. After going through such a long stage, starting from file selection, interviews about HIV/AIDS, written tests, offline quarantine and in the end, Neng passed to the last stage (Grand Final) which included a question and answer process, performance, and final announcement.

There were ups and downs that Neng went through during the ambassador selection process, Neng felt lucky and considered this an honor because not everyone could feel what he felt. In addition, Neng can also collaborate directly with the Commission for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS and AIDS Care Students in order to minimize the spread of HIV AIDS, especially in the Sukabumi Regency/City area. As for his grief, Neng has to witness people who are infected with HIV, which is a wound that is felt directly because it turns out that these people still need help from various parties. Neng always invites all colleagues to not turn a blind eye to HIV/AIDS, especially caring about the existence of ODHA (People with HIV Aids) or ADHA (Children with HIV Aids).