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Certified Content Creator Internship Mind of the People Media Network


The Ministry of Education and Culture again provides opportunities for students to develop themselves outside the lecture classroom through Certified Internship Batch 3. During one semester, students gain experience in the world of work through direct learning with internship partners. Through this program, students can hone soft skills and hard skills that can support their careers after graduating from college.

One of the partners that provides this opportunity is PT Collaboration Mediapreneur through the Mind People Media Network (PRMN) Certified Content Creator Apprenticeship program. Mind of the People Media Network accepts students from various study programs and faculties. This program runs from 18 August to 31 December 2022. Through this program, students participating in Certified Internships will work as content creators whose work is published in the online media Mind of the People.

This internship activity, which lasts five months, provides experience and learning for the participants. I gained various knowledge as well as a means to channel my work and interest in writing. Without forgetting my role as a Sociology Education student, there was a lot of learning during lectures which also supported me in undergoing a Certified Internship program as a content creator for the Mind of the People Media Network.​