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Unnes Gathering with UPI: Benchmarking AQAS

Friday, January 27 2022, Sociology Education received a visit from the Sociology and Anthropology Education, Semarang State University in the context of benchmarking AQAS international accreditation. The delegation led by the head of the department Mr. Dr. Fadly Husain, S. Sos. M.Si was received directly by the head of the UPI Sociology Education study program, Mrs. Siti Komariah, M.Sc., Ph.D in Room 103, 1st floor of the Nu'man Soemantri Building.

On this occasion, collaboration was established between the two study programs with AQAS international accreditation benchmarking, related to an offline field visit or assessment from the AQAS team to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology Education, Semarang State University. This was done because UPI's Sociology Education had previously conducted a field assessment in November 2022. Share experience and preparation needed during AQAS field assessment