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Sosiologi Mengajar 2022


On November 27, 2022, the "Sociology of Teaching" work program took place. Sociology of Teaching (SOSJAR) is one of the work programs of the Ministry of Education, Sociology Education Student Association. This SOSJAR activity carries the theme "SEMBAGI (Fellow Knowledge Sharing): Sembagi Arutala". Sembagi Arutala is interpreted as someone who has high and noble ideals like the moon. The moon, which is described as a lamp in the dark of the night, shows the form of good ideals for others. This SOSJAR activity will be held as many as 4 meetings with the intention of spreading sociology to high school students whose target this year is students of the Arkamaya Learning House, Majalaya. In addition to providing teaching on sociology, SOSJAR also provides tips and tricks on how to enter State Universities (PTN). It is hoped that with this SOSJAR activity, Sociology Education students can channel useful knowledge to others through teaching, so that this social program is a form of good and useful ideals and it is hoped that the knowledge can provide benefits and usefulness, and then be continued and spread by the next generation.