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On Saturday, November 10, 2022, the "Sociology Religious Mentoring" activity was held organized by the Ministry of Spirituality, BEM HMPS UPI.   The activity carries the theme "Life in Religion"  and has the aim  of being a forum for the new students of Sociology Education 2022 so that they have a strong foundation to become a religious society, provide education related to understanding the nature of worshiping Him widely, and provide   the understanding that all their activities and roles in life can be of value as worship. This activity was carried out at the FPMIPA Building Room E-405 with the performer Mr. Dr. Pandu Hyangsewu, S.Th.I, M.Ag.

Sociology Religious  Mentoring activities consist of interactive  religious  seminars  or talk shows, namely Sociology Religious Talk  (SRT), Sociology Upgrade (SyU)  activities or group presentation activities, and  finally, Tahsin Clinic activities and Mentoring Classes which held regularly  in 10 meetings, where each meetingwill have material delivery in the form of religious knowledge.

Sociology Religious Mentoring is a successful and smooth  process. This "Sociology Religious Mentoring" activity can provide benefits for new students of Sociology Education 2022 so that they can alwaysimprove their religious knowledge.