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On November 5-6, 2022, there has been an inter-major futsal  tournament at the Indonesian University of Education.  This tournament is known  as the  Sociology Futsal Cup (SFC) organized by the Department of Interests and Talents of BEM HMPS UPI.  This tournament  was attended by  sixteen  (16 teams)  from different  faculties and study programs. On  the  first day,  the agenda was to preliminate the teams into the top eight.  The match  on the  first day took place with great fanfare accompanied by antusias supporters from each study program  who increasingly enlivened the match.  The first match  started at  8:40 with an opponent between Coaching Major (FPOK) and Sociology (FPIPS) teams. And  the last match there was an opponent between the Electrical Engineering (FPTK) and Mechanical Engineering  (FPTK) teams.   The top eight  that had been fixed on the first   day  continued their struggles on the second day. After going through the screening and semifinals,  two rivals from the same faculty were obtained, namely FPOK with the Sports Science  Team  and   the PJKR Team.     A fierce battle  ensued and ended with Penalty Shoot Out and was won by Team PJKR with a final score of  3 – 2. SFC ended with  the  handover of certificates and trophies to the PJKR Team as the first winner.