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Sociology Education Students Inaugurated as State Defense Ambassadors for West Java Province in 2021


The State Defense Ambassador is an activity organized by the National Unity and Political Agency of West Java Province. This activity was first implemented in 2021 and will continue in the following years. Each elected ambassador is a representative figure for the Regency/City in West Java. 

Before being inaugurated, the participants participated in a national defense camp for 3 days and 2 nights with Wanadri. This camp activity consists of forging physical, mental, discipline, survival, and teaching by speakers who are reliable in their fields. One of the speakers is Mrs. Atalia Praratya (Wife of the Governor of West Java Province). Then at the end of the activity, the participants were officially inaugurated as Ambassadors of State Defense in 2021 by Mr. Ridwan Kamil as the Governor of West Java Province.

In this inauguration activity, a Sociology Education student, Dipa Suharto from the class of 2018, was entrusted with the mandate as the Ambassador of the State Defense for the Province of West Java in 2021. 

"Being chosen to be the Ambassador of the State Defense is an honor, a sense of pride, and a responsibility for myself. I always believe that everything I live and every mandate that I carry is a process of maturity for me. Hopefully, with the Ambassador of the Defense, This country has more and more young people who are literate and aware of defending the country, upholding diversity, and having a high sense of tolerance because we know that lately there have always been many provocations that have taken place and raised differences as a problem, even though the difference is a gift. given by God to mature us," concluded Dipa.