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SOCIOLOGY EDU ACTION: Menyapa Senyuman Hangat Yang Tertutup Kelabu


Hello FPIPS residents!

Education is the foundation of a pillar of the state. The function of education is basically to guide children towards higher value goals. However, this cannot run ideally in areas outside Java and Sumatra due to uneven development. This educational problem is of such value that we, sociology education students, carry out a Social Activity or Social Project.

On Tuesday, January 11, 2023, Sociology Education students have carried out a Social Project under the name Sociology Edu Action (SEA) with the theme of Elektra Anliegen activities.  Social Project is an annual activity held by sociology education level 1 students who are guided by seniors from the Department of Organization of the Student Executive Board of the Sociology Education Student Association, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Sociology Edu Action is one of the actions taken by students of Sociology Education 2022, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia as a form of active contribution in improving the quality of education. This activity is a reflection of devotion in the form of one-day actions where it is hoped that this activity can provide benefits for a long period of time.

Sociology Edu Action was held at SDN 5 Cikidang with the aim of filling the problems in the place because based on the presentation of one of the teaching staff there that the main problem experienced by SDN 5 Cikidang was the lack of teaching staff. This affects the development of teaching and learning activities, he also said that since 2 years ago SDN 5 Cikidang did not accept new students due to the decline in parents' interest and trust to be able to send their children to SDN 5 Cikidang. In addition, the challenge for SDN 5 Cikidang now is the decreasing teaching staff. Based on the data found that SDN 5 Cikidang only has 2 teachers, with 1 principal and 1 operator. Sadly, 2023 coincides with the end of the term of one of the teachers there. Meanwhile, the local government does not yet have a reserve of teachers who will be assigned to SDN 5 Cikidang. Isn't it a problem with education in one area in Bandung?

The series of Sociology Edu Action activities began with BISIK (Talk-Asik), then continued with word adventure, playing angklung, to a trash can coloring competition. The series of activities is aimed at training students' creativity in order to improve student motor. 

The implementation of this activity is expected to be able to increase and give birth to a strong self-awareness of the already thorny problems of education in Indonesia. Likewise with the quality and quantity of education, hopefully with the implementation of this activity the government can pay more attention to the condition of educational institutions in the 3T area. There are beautiful smiles on the faces of the children, which means that this activity is meaningful to them. However, what is the power of this activity in the form of a one-day action so it takes time for us to be able to say hello back and give birth to the smile.