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On  Friday, December 30,  2022, the  Sharing on Teh Road work program was carried out by  the Department of Socio-Political  BEM HMPS UPI. SOTR was held in Meeting Room  5.11, FPIPS UPI.  The 1st Sharing on the Road (SOTR) was held with the theme "Diversity Discussion: Interfaith Talks" due to the lack of  members of  associations of various religions.   Diversity is a reality in Indonesian society, where diversity needs to be thanked and appreciated for the progress and development of the nation.  There are several discussion points  in the 1st Sharing on the Road (SOTR), including:

1.      Discussing the stigma of the Spiritual Department  at BEM HMPS which is Islamic.

2.      Discusses how relevant work programs  are for  students of different faiths.

3.      Discusses how to communicate between members in a diverse set of religions  .

4.      Discusses how to  develop or create more innovative and creative work  programs  for religious activities.

In an effort to increase unity about the diversity that exists, it is necessary to discuss the views of each different party. This activity is expected to be a forum for learning and joint discussions related to how each other's perspectives on religion.  The target to be achieved in this activity is the science of views on their respective religions which can later be understood and used for the next work program.

This knowledge is expected to be useful for various parties both for BEM HMPPS members and event equipment present.