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Sharing Of The Day or SODA is a work program of the Department of Student Welfare, Student Executive Board, Sociology Education Student Association, Indonesian University of Education. The SODA work program was carried out on Saturday, 14 January 2023 with the theme "SODA: Bachelor of Education Does Not Always Become a Teacher" and was held in a talkshow-based webinar. This program is carried out by focusing on discussing the perspective of a company's HRD when accepting applications and interviewing a graduate of education at a company or non-educational institution. In addition, this work program will examine the experiences of Sociology Education alumni working in non-educational fields, starting from the initial submission of applications, to being accepted into a company or non-educational institutions.

The SODA work program with this theme aims to provide insight to prospective graduates of education about the HRD perspective of a company or non-educational institution when receiving an application from an educational scholar along with the perspective of alumni of Sociology Education when applying to companies or non-educational institutions. In addition, the SODA work program also aims to provide motivation and encouragement to prospective graduates of education so that they have superior expertise compared to other pure science graduates and also explain strategies and steps so that an undergraduate can excel in the application selection process. and interviews at companies or non-educational institutions.

The performers for the SODA work program this time were Neng Resti as master of ceremonies and Rizky Tiara Aulia as moderator by inviting two presenters, namely Rania Sabhira Tradika, S.Psi. as the HRD of the company and Septia Abdul Rouf, S.Pd. as a speaker for Sociology Education alumni who works as a scriptwriter for company. The targets of this SODA activity were students at the Indonesian University of Education and the general public. With the implementation of the Sharing Of The Day (SODA) work program with this theme, it is hoped that it can spread useful knowledge, especially for prospective undergraduates of education, so that all prospective undergraduates are motivated to pursue the goals they have without being bound by a bachelor's degree that will one day be obtained.