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Promoting Creative Economies And Optimizing Social Media


Rancage is the name of the group of 8 agents of change in the Sustainable Society Empowerment program sponsored by the Education Studies Program of Sociology, University of Education Indonesia. The group because Rancage carried out the workshop and accompanying activities against a tourist attraction Sendang Geulis Kahuripan which is located in the village of Ganjarsari, Bandung West. The purpose of the arrangement of the activities is to provide creative economic support related to the products of Sendang Geulis Kahuripan so that it can support local tourism products and provide support for the optimization of social media Sendang geulis Kahulipan to promote the tourist venue to the general public and build a branding that is characteristic of tourism Sendang. The workshop and accompanying activities were held over six meetings from March to May. In its implementation, the Satria Rancage group collaborates with the Litera Rasa Institute and DKV FPSD UPI who have the ability and expertise in accordance with the needs of Sendang Geulis Kahuripan tourist attractions. The details of each meeting are as follows.

The first meeting will take place on March 27, 2023, where the Satria Rancage group will conduct workshops and support activities on the theme “Rise of social media awareness in tourism promotion and exploring the potential of tourism products”. Then, the second meeting was held on April 5, 2023 with the theme of the activity “Concept of packaging label design for micro and social media marketing enterprises for the development of Sendang Geulis Kahuripan tourist village. At the third meeting, on April 12, 2023, the Satria Rancage group held workshops and accompanying activities on the theme “The depth of perception regarding the urgency of visual branding and tips in creating good and correct content”. Then, the fourth meeting was held on May 3, 2023 workshop and accompanying activities with the theme “Progres visual tourism Sendang Geulis Kahuripan and creating content”. The fifth meeting was held on May 10, 2023 with the theme “Finalization of the overall design and packaging of Sendang Geulis Kahuripan products and creating sustainability content”. And the sixth meeting was held on 17 May 2023 as the closing activity of the group Because Rancage.