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On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the "Pojok Prestasi"  event was held organized by  the Ministry of Education, BEM HMPS UPI. Pojok Prestasi is a seminar that discusses Sociology Education students who excel in both academic and non-academic fields. This event  invited Annisa Fadillah (Class of 2019) as an outstanding student in  the academic field and Fadia Zahra (Class of 2019) as an outstanding student in  a non-academic field.  With the theme "Academic Life Balance: Road to Outstanding Student through Management Skills", Pojok Prestasi took place in the FPMIPA Building, Room E-405.  The purpose of Pojok Prestasi is to arouse the motivation of new students in achieving achievements in both academic and non-academic fields.

Annisa Fadillah as an outstanding student in the field of education shared her experience by actively participating in various competitions ranging from microteaching to PKM (Student Creativity Program) twice.  Annisa also gave tips on how to dare to  try to take part in  the competition,  be consistent in running it and still be  able to  follow lectures as you should so that you  can balance between  competitions and lectures.  Meanwhile, Fadia Zahra as an outstanding  student in  the non-academic field who carried out the  mandate as the 1st Runner Up of Putri Bumi Siliwangi shared her journey during the    PPBS (Putra Putri) selection series Bumi Siliwangi) who in fact is an ambassador for the  UPI  campus. Fadia also gives tips so that  it is not easy to feel insecure (not confident) and dare to try new things.  In addition to being the 1st Runner-up, Fadia is also active in organizations including the bem HMPS, JMPS and is now active in BEM REMA UPI and DPM HMPS.  The new students who participated in Pojok Prestasi event   looked enthusiastic as evidenced by their participation in actively asking and responding to the two presenters.  Hopefully, Pojok Prestasi can arouse the enthusiasm of Sociology Education students to make new achievements.