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PJBL AOC P2MB Education Sociology Education University of Indonesia with Sahatya Vikasa in Pagerwangi Village


In the event of the PJBL AOC Education Sociology Program P2MB University of Education Indonesia, there are 5 groups of the study program of Sociology Education sent to various villages in the region of Bandung Raya in order to carry out real work lectures independent campus. One of them is a group of 14 known as Sahatya Vikasa. Before implementing the program, group 14 performed observations of the daily activities of the community and identified common problems faced by communities around the village. The villages that became the focus of the Sahatya Vikasa group are Pagerwangi villages, Lembang district, Bandung West district.

Pagerwangi Village has several facilities that support community activities, including 3R Waste Management Place (TPS3R) that serves to manage garbage. However, there are problems that cause the TPS3R to not work properly. The hurdle is related to the waste disposal stream, where the Final Disposal Point (TPA) located in Cipatat has problems in the waste collection schedule. As a result, there is an accumulation of garbage in TPS3R. In addition, in the community environment there is also a problem where the waste disposed of is still mixed between organic, inorganic and residual waste, thus complicating the waste management process.

To solve this problem, the Sahatya Vikasa group planned several programs. First, they socialize society and schools about garbage management. They visit residents’ homes and provide information through flyers about the types of garbage. In schools, they provide interesting material about the dangers of discarded garbage and the kinds of garbages. Furthermore, they carry out pattering and practice of making ecobricks both in schools and in the community environment.

Another project that is being implemented is the procurement of a pilot house. Six households were selected as examples in sorting garbage by providing separate landfill for inorganic, organic, and residual waste. The program aims to make these households pioneers and examples for other communities in managing rubbish well in TPS3R. The Sahatya Vikasa group performs monitoring and evaluation every Tuesday to monitor developments and identify barriers faced by the prototype home. The program runs from the beginning until the end of May 2023. In addition, the Sahatya Vikasa group also practices the manufacture of ecobricks. They provide information on how to make ecobricks, their benefits, as well as the necessary tools and materials. After giving material, they practice with the community and also join the Pramuka activities.