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The Student Executive  Board  of the Sociology Education  Student Association (BEM HMPS) again carried out sociology sports week  (PORSI) activities.  PORSI is one of the  workprograms  of the  Department of  Interests and Talents BEM  HMPS which contains sports activities in  the form of competencies that can be followed by all generations in   department of sociology education,  Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, both  active batch and alumnus.  This year  PORSI activities were held at the Gymnasium of the Indonesian University of  Education on  Sunday, January 8,  2023 with the  theme "Solidarity is Beginning of The Victory".  In addition, in this PORSI with the  enthusiasm of  sociology education students (both men and  women) and also lecturers towards the  sport of  futsal, the Department of Interests and Talents BEM HMPS  made  a competition  that  can also strengthen  the  relationship  between generations by holding a futsal competition between batches in the sociology  education department of the Indonesian University of Education.

  In  this  PORSI activity, five teams futsal from the class of 20 22, 2021, 2020, 2019, and Alumnus participated in.  In addition,  there are three women teams participated by  the class of 2022, 2021 and 2020 who participated  in enlivening the 2023 PORSI activities.   The competition that is run   is certainly not the same between  both men and women.  In the  men's  opening match  , there was something different from the  previous year's PORSI,  namely a match between the Sociology All Star and the  Sociology Lecturer Team. Men's futsal  is carried out with a half-league system where the  five teams will  meet each other  first in the  league phase which will be the final between   1st and 2nd  place To determine the  frist and second winner   For women's futsal  itself, it  is carried out with a knockout system to determine  the 1st place.   This activity began with remarks by the head of the sociology education   study program,  Mrs. Siti Komariah, and also  a  sociology education lecturer  as  well as a supervisor of PORSI activities at the same time  symbolic first kick  by Mr. Pandu Hyangsewu and also closed with the division of  top score champion,  1st  place in women, 2nd  place  and also  1st place in men  by   Head of   Sports, Head of  Interest and Talent Department,  Chairman of BEM HMPS and also Chief Executive.   With the holding of this event, it is also hoped that a good relationship between the sociology education in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.  This activity is carried out   regularly every year and with various  sports that are always different according to the  enthusiasm of the students in  active force  majoring in sociology education.