Sociology Education

University of Indonesia Education

MBKM Curriculum Revision Workshop


The Sociology Education Study Program, Faculty of Social Science Education Indonesia University of Education, today, Thursday, December 8, 2021, is holding a Workshop on the Revision of the Independent Campus, Freedom to Learn (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka, "MKBM") Curriculum. The workshop was attended directly by the head of the study program, Mrs. Siti Komariah, M.Sc., Ph.D., the secretary of the study program, Mrs. Dr. Wilodati, M, Si, the quality control group, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Elly Malihah, M.Si, and the entire curriculum development team. This workshop was held to finalize the MBKM curriculum for the Sociology Education Study Program and complete the RPS (Rencana Pembelajaran Semester) module, which will be used for the AQAS (Agency for Quality Assurance by Accreditation of Study Program) accreditation visitation in 2022.

The activity, which was carried out for two days, Wednesday-Thursday, 8-9 December 2021, at the Belviu Hotel, was also a socialization activity for RPS with a new format developed in the Sociology Education Study Program. The hope is that after the workshop is over, the MBKM procedure with all its sundries will be well organized. In its implementation, the Study Program will have explicit provisions regarding MBKM.