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Launching of Sendang Geulis Tea Product: P2MB Strategy Changes the Travel Economy


Program Agent of Change or agency of social change is a cross-cultural and cross-curricular collaboration program of students within the framework of Merdeka Learning Campus Mardeka under the Program of Sustainable Society Commitment (P2MB), Research and Community Commitments Institute UPI based on Project Based Learning with the main goal of achieving social change in the village and city environment in the field of tourism. The Group Because Rancage as the 8th group of the Agent of Change Program from the beginning had the goal of implementing dedication and empowerment of the community to social change in the field of tourism in one of the villages, namely the Village Ganjarsari. In the process of its implementation, the group Satria Rancage has carried out 6 meetings in Sendang Geulis Kahuripan, Ganjarsari Village, Cikalongwetan district, Bandung West district.

After successful in the process of creating the logo design by the DKV team, the formation of the sign system as well as the slogan with the tagline "conservation, recreation and religion" which reflects the values of Ganjarsari's wisdom. In the next stage is the packaging process can eventually produce a product that can be used for tourists who visit Sendang Geulis Kahuripan. In addition, it can be a special feature that adds attractiveness to visitors. Through this series of closing workshops, we succeeded in officializing the launch of tea products as the output of the creative economy support program to the local population as the optimization of the presentation of the tea gardens they have. In addition, in the process of reception in the eyes of visitors will look at home production that is done by members of the taruna coral and the mothers of the residents in the village of Ganjarsari itself. For the next process will focus on the promotion of products that will be sold online or luring.