Sociology Education

University of Indonesia Education

Campus Orientation and Public Lecture 2019


The Campus Orientation and Public Lecture (MOKA-KU) was held on August 28, 2019 at FPIPS UPI. MOKA-KU is an annual activity carried out by the Indonesian Education University as a form of intra-campus introduction, such as the academic system, organization, campus environment, to all kinds of things that include activities at the Indonesian Education University (UPI). This activity is aimed at new students, with the aim of introducing everything in the Indonesian Education University as a whole. 

Apart from being implemented at the university level, MOKA-KU is also implemented at the faculty and study program/department level. At this level, the focus conveyed is more directed to the introduction of a more specific faculty, covering academic conditions, student activities, and others. As for the aspect of the introduction of the study program/department, freshmen will be introduced in depth through the delivery of material regarding the profile of the department, the lecturers and staff on duty, academic activities, to student activities such as associations and community units within the department. An introduction at this level is certainly needed as an initial step and forum for new students to get to know the culture that exists in their study department.