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AOC-Nawasenine Group Introduces Plastic Waste Creation to Children of Lestari Natural Tugu Foundation


This program is an attempt to introduce the handling and processing of garbage to the children of the village of Pagerwangi from early on. Thus, the community, especially the children of Pagerwangi villages, can recognize various types of garbage and can reuse the inorganic waste that can be recycled or reused.

The children of the village of Pagerwangi showed a high enthusiasm in participating in this program. There were 20 children who participated in creating with plastic garbage. Of the 20 participants we divided into 4 groups that consisted of 5 members, with each group having their own objects or creations to be made. The four creations are a garbage compartment made of used plastic bottles, a photo frame made from used cartridges, a calendar made of a combination of used cardboard and also a plastic bottle covers, and the latter is a place for writing tools made out of used bottles.

This program was implemented as a response to the problem of garbage that did not end in the village of Pagerwangi. With this program, children are expected to be aware of the environment and know that there is actually garbage that can be reused with various functions.